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Guest Blog by Pastor Jordan

In Christ, the Father has removed us from a world of darkness and has planted us into his marvelous light. It is by the light of the gospel and the richness of God’s grace that we as a church are able to identify with the person being described in Psalm 1.




Guest Blog by Pastor Caleb

Imagine that you work for a very wealthy boss.  For the past three years your boss has given you an end of the year $10,000 bonus. The first year it took you by surprise.  You were thrilled and thankful! The second year you were really hoping he would do it again, and he did! You were still thankful, but not as thankful.  The third year you were fully expecting it.  Now this fourth year it is practically a given.  You deserve it! You’ve already decided how you will spend the money.  Only this time the check never comes.  What might you be tempted to think?  That cheapskate!  He’s making millions!  Where’s my bonus?  I deserve this!  




Guest Blog by Pastor Caleb

I will be the first to admit, I’m not very good at fixing things.  Whether it’s working on my car or working on my house, I’m just not very good at it.  But there are two things I’ve learned about fixing things besides having a lot of patience and asking for help:

1) you need the right tools, and
2) you need to be able to know how to use the right tools. 

If you don’t have the right tools you can’t get the job done.  But if you don’t how to properly use the tools, they are of no use.


Guest Blog by Pastor Jordan

Relationships are messy. 

From the very beginning, sin has imposed its lethal grip on the most fundamental of relationships - the family. All throughout human history families have been divided as a result of sin entering the world. These broken relationship have not only divided families, but also communities that are made up of these families. On May 1st, 1992, during the L.A. riots, Rodney King famously asked, "Why can't we all just get along?" 


When The Bible Mentions Names

What's in a name? You might be surprised.

In my preparation for preaching through Colossians chapter 4, I did some research on names. The meaning of certain names. I don't want to spoil it for you since I'll be sharing some of the humor (at least I think it's funny) this Sunday, June 14.

Certain names and their meanings line up perfectly, while others - not so much. You can google it for yourself. Check out some names like:


Staying the Course in 2020

As a golfer, I know what a Mulligan is.

Mulligan = a shot not counted against the score, permitted in unofficial play to a player whose previous shot was poor. A do-over.

As we approach the halfway point of 2020, I'd like a Mulligan for the year. Yep. The entire year. A complete do-over.


Guest Blog by Pastor Caleb

Tragedy and transition. People are more receptive to spiritual conversations and activities during “tragedy and transition.”  I have heard this phrase many times over the years from Pastor Paul.  During this past year I have seen it to be true in the lives of people.  There have been both tragedy and transition in the lives of many of you this past year. 




Be On Guard Against Wardrobe Malfunctions

WOW!!! How great was it to be back at church last Sunday?

After 9 weeks with no "in person" church, it was a special time for us to gather back together and worship as the body of believers we know as West Pines Baptist Church.

But coming together at this time is not for everybody. So, please know that I am encouraging you to be smart about coming to church. If you are at all concerned, please stay at home and watch our livestream on the church facebook page or on our website at


Security Changes Everything

About 100 years or so ago, when I was in seminary, I was taking a Pastoral Counseling class. I remember the professor speaking of the importance of security and significance in marriage and parent-child relationships. This idea of security and significance has, over the years, become a key element in my counseling.

When marriages are on the rocks, I often ask one or both of the spouses, "Do you feel secure and significant in your marriage relationship?" The answer often reveals a lot.

When children are struggling with their identity or their place in this world, I often ask them, "Do you feel secure in being loved by your parents?" Once again, the answer often reveals a lot.


Making Use of Our Time

Hide & Seek . . . what a great game we used to play as kids! Do you remember counting before you went seeking? Do you remember, "Apple, peaches, pumpkin pie - who's not ready, holler I!"  So creative. 

I mention hide & seek for two reasons:

1. It seems like, over the past month, we've been doing a lot of hiding and, I hope, seeking.


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